Counting Gifts

...and Scripture Pics.

Last November, I took the challenge (from Chance Scoggins and Ann Voskamp) to post three things I'm thankful for everyday that month.  Here's the compilation...

Day 30: 3 Gifts Astonishing
Day 29: 3 Gifts Red
Day 28: 3 Gifts in Community
Day 27: A Gift Handmade, Held, Happy
Day 26: 3 Gifts Preparing and a Recipe or Two
Sunday Psalms and Day 25: 3 Gift Ugly-Beautiful
My Favorite Finds and Day 24: 3 Gifts Humble
A Thanksgiving Recap and Day 23: 3 Gifts Only in Christ
Day 22: 3 Gifts Grateful
Day 21: 3 Gifts Family
Day 20: 3 Gifts of Traditions
Day 19: 3 Gifts Autumn
Sunday Psalms and Day 18: A Gift Made, Shared, Passed-On
My Favorite Finds and Day 17: 3 Gifts of Laughter
Day 16:  3 Gifts Hard Eucharisteo
Baby Animals and Day 15: 3 Gifts Golden
The Life of a Pumpkin and Day 14: 3 Gifts Silent
Day 13: 3 Gifts Behind a Door
Happy Birthday and Day 12: 3 Gifts at Noon
Sunday Psalms and Day 11: 3 Gifts of Remembrance
My Favorite Finds and Day 10: 3 Gifts Found in Bible Reading
Day 9: 3 Gifts Harvest
Fun at MOPS and Day 8: A Gift Sweet, Salty, Sipped
Good News and Day 7: 3 Gifts Outside My Window
Day 6: 3 Gifts Government
We Forgot to Pray and Day 5: 3 Gifts Acorn Small
Sunday Psalms and Day 4: A Gift Gathered, Given, Good
My Favorite Finds and Day 3: 3 Gifts That Begin with N
That Carved Pumpkin and Day 2: 3 Gifts Worn
A Joy Dare and Gratefulness Challenge Day 1: 3 Gifts Eaten

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