Monday, October 14, 2013

Easy Stain Solution - Lemon, Salt and Sunshine

Here's an easy home remedy for removing stains from your laundry - even stubborn stains respond well.

It's simply fresh lemon juice, table salt and a few hours of sunshine!

Note the tacky fence attached to my deck... it's so my beloved dogs, who think they are gazelles, can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air with us without being tempted to jump over the railing (2nd story), which they've been known to do.

Anyway, back to that stain solution...

I first wet the stains with water, then squeeze fresh lemon juice over them and sprinkle on a generous portion of salt.  Gently rub in with your fingers, and let soak up the sun for several hours.

This day, I was treating two aprons I picked up at a barn sale.  They were hand-made/hand-embroidered by a lovely Vermont farmer-lady, Sarah, back in the 70's.  She and her husband, now "up in years," were downsizing.  We chatted for a bit about what their farm used to be like.  I think they raised about every kind of farm animal; cows, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs.  She said the pigs were her favorite - they followed her every where she went (as much as they could). 

I love that these aprons have 40 years of history and I wonder what delicious treats she created in her kitchen with them wrapped around her waist.  {{sigh}}

Again, I digress...

After they've dried in the sunshine, wash and dry them as usual (in your washer or by hand/in the dryer or on the line).

And voila... no more stain!  Sorry for not having the "before" picture.  This had several pink stains on it; it looked like she wore it to pickle her beets!

This one still has slight discoloration at the top, under the waistband.  I'll give it another treatment which should take care of it.

Do you have other natural remedies for stain removal?  Please share!

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