Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just the Boys... Hard at Work

Nic and Kingston went with Joe recently to pick up a chest freezer for us (finally have space to keep all those chickens we just processed last week - yay!).  We couldn't exactly get a chest freezer in our trunk (!) so Nic obliged with his truck.

After dropping it off, and while Kingston was playing outside with his wagon, Nic and Joe decided to finally cut that tree that had died and slid off it's 'base' but was still standing pretty erect because it was stuck at the top in the Y of another tree.

They were able to drag it over into the yard and get it free from the top so it could be cut.  Whoa, it was heavy!

Kingston LOVES to help daddy and grandpa.

Smaller pieces for the wood stove...

And finally, time to load the truck bed.

Sure - throw the bark in there, too,  Why not?

You do a good job, Kingston.

See the smirk?  He's so happy when he's participating in the boys' work.

Whoa... you're pretty strong!

Dragging some wood for kindling out of the [dry] creek bed.

All this hard work makes a little man thirsty!

Okay now... let's move those leaves around.

Phew.  My men are hard workers - and Kingston is a happy camper!


Kristiina said...

That was adorable! :-D

Mom said...

Your commentaries make the photos come alive!!! ;-)