Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby Animals and Day 15

That same morning that I woke up to snow caps on the pumpkins, I called Kristiina to see what she and the kids were up to.  She had said previously that she'd like to join me while I ran a few errands.  When she answered, though, I could hear a bit of tension. "What's the matter?" I asked her.  "Kingston is being crazy... he just woke Aria up from her morning nap." [being crazy is code for typical, loud, rambunctious, almost-three-year-old - something he comes by honestly; at 3, his mother knew how to use rambunctious in a sentence].  "Aww, I'm sorry. I was just calling to see if you still wanted to run around with me today."  She hesitated and I could tell she wasn't sure anymore if that was the best idea.  "Or, if you like, I can just come swoop up Kingston so you and Aria can have some time to yourselves."  Even before she uttered a word, I could sense relief, "Oh!  Would you swoop?!  That would be awesome."

And so began Kingston and grandma's day together.  Considering the boring places I had to stop, he was very well behaved.  My favorite part, though, was our chats in the car while en route.  He's a very good communicator. 

I just said to Joe the other day when we left their house that I could talk to him all day.  "You mean you could listen to him all day!"  Haha... yeah!  He's a talker.

We share ideas and plans and schemes and he responds with, "Yeah, that will be great!" or "does that sound like a good plan?" or "does that make sense?" Can you just imagine him looking at you with the innocence of a three-year-old and his chocolate brown doe-eyes asking you if his idea makes sense? I become a mushy, goo-ball every time.  It's crazy-adorable!

If he'd like to alter a plan that's been set in motion, he'll ask if "that's a big deal?"  Or if he's not sure, you'll see him pause, thoughtful- with a finger on the chin, and say, "Hmmm, yemme sink about that" [see the wheels turning... and then the light bulb goes off, and he smiles] "oh, i have an idea..."  He is so fun.

So, while we were driving, he started talking about animals and their babies and mama-milk.  I'm not sure how we got on the topic, but he told me that if I "wanted to see what he's talking about, it's on his mat"  (I was confused.)  Kristiina later told me that a week prior he had asked about the cow udders on his car mat, you know - the floor mat that has roads and villages... and a farm with a cow. He wanted to know what those udders were.  He hadn't brought it up to her since then, but he remembered it now.

After chatting awhile about baby animals and mama-milk, we both decided it would "be a good plan" to find some baby animals.  Well, you know this is not exactly the best time of year to spot baby animals grazing in the fields (which is really what we were hoping to find).  Those Spring-born calves are almost as big as their mamas now. 

Still, we drove and we looked.  Then I had an idea... Billings Farm in Woodstock; home of all those beautiful Jersey cows.  Mom and I were there once in December and they had babies of all ages... they must breed them year-round.  Off to Billings Farm we go!

Only, on the way there...

This happened. 

By the time I pulled in their parking lot, I felt like he had slept long enough for it to be a power nap and thought he probably wouldn't object to me waking him up, especially since we were about to see a whole bunch of baby cows.

So... I called his name; nothing.  Again, a little louder; nothing.  I opened my door and shut it; nothing.  Hmmm, I guess the nap wins.

I took the scenic route home (and, actually, had taken the scenic route there, too).  The route that takes me right past Slick and Willy's place.

Beautiful, isn't it?  No wonder Slick and Willy are such happy horses.

I thought maybe by the time we got there, Kingston would have slept long enough and petting the nice horses would be a good consolation.

When I went up to the fence, they were grazing.  This is Willy with Kingford. 

It took them a few minutes of my cooing and calling, but finally they decided they'd come say hello.

Kingford still wasn't sure he needed to give me the time of day.  He's quite a bit older than his adolescent pasture-mates.  He finally came and paid his respects, but he didn't stay long.

Hello handsome.

Oh, you're such a beautiful boy.

A close-up of Willy and the "hairs of his chinny chin chin."

Slick has the white on his nose and Willy is all black.

Sweet, sweet boys.

I was there for a good 20 or 30 minutes petting and cooing and rubbing the noses and necks of  those beauties while they returned what I'm sure was their version of hugs and affection.

Kingston never knew we were there.


We finally headed for home.  He woke up when we got there and told his mother all about our adventures.  Then he remembered the baby animals and told her with a pouty lip and near tears, "But we forgot."  Aw... he didn't realize we tried. 

I'm going to call Billings Farm and make a plan.  I think Kingston and I will have another date real soon!  I'd say this weekend, but he has two birthday parties... one for the twins (playmates), and one cake-smash for his baby sister.

With all that fun, he won't notice if we postpone it a week.

Day 15:  3 gifts golden

Chance said no repeats, but I think the cherished gold bands are worthy of another shout-out, so...

1.  My gold bands, symbols of love and a promise.

2.  The beautiful autumn backdrop of this precious photo of my two beloved girls!

3.  The sun; whether rising, setting or shining... I'm a huge fan.

Care to join me in giving thanks?  In the comments name three things you're thankful for today, and if you have a blog... maybe you'd like to link up!

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