Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kingston... Tearing It Up On the Slopes!

Kristiina called to invite us to the slopes...

"Kingston is still asking to go snowboarding, so we're going to head to the mountain after he has his nap. Want to go and see him in action?"

Of course we do!

We met them at Okemo this afternoon.  What a beautiful day!

He loves this part.  It's almost as much fun as riding down!

Then...!  Watch this little dude in action!

It's only about the fourth time he's ever done this. Daddy gives him a few instructions... and then he goes, meeting grandpa and Louie at the bottom!

Mommy says he's gotten so good so fast, it's apparently already time for a helmet his size.  Wow.

Eventually, Aria and I ventured indoors.  We still had a great vantage point in the warmth behind the huge windows.  She was thoroughly entertained alternating between watching the skiers and snowboarders outside, then turning to look over my shoulder and watching all the people warming themselves inside.  What a good little baby she is!

Fun afternoon!!


Kristiina said...

That's awesome!!!! He's so good!

Brenda said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

Cris said...

Wow!! As I've said before....this little guy is fearless!! He's amazing!