Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Breakfast of Champions

... and of mostly-chained-to-their-desks Program Coordinators...

Nestled right there between my computer and phone sits what is customarily my morning sustenance.  Really, I eat this almost daily - Joe, too.

It's brown sugar/cinnamon instant oatmeal - but homemade instead of store bought, conveniently premixed in 10-portion batches so we can easily grab it in a hurry.  Joe eats his plain, with milk or cream, but without fruit, and at home before he leaves. 

Sometimes I eat mine plain, too, but I prefer to add fruit... diced apple or blackberries picked fresh from the yard or, like today, cut up fresh strawberries... and I never eat it at home.  I eat mine at the office.

Wanna know how to do it?

Get a good sized bowl with a cover
scoop 5 cups of quick oats into it
add 10 T of brown sugar
and 10 t of cinnamon

That's it... 10 portions of instant brown sugar/cinnamon oatmeal. 

Just scoop a 1/2 cup into a bowl
and add 3/4 cup water
microwave for 2 minutes
stir and add fruit.

Voila.  You now have a decent sized portion of yummy, hot oatmeal.  Five work-day breakfasts for two.


If my dad could see this, he wouldn't believe his eyes.  He always loved oatmeal... and it always made me gag.  Blech.  He never understood how I couldn't like it.

I just started eating it last year... wintertime.  At work on the those chilly mornings, I'd see the students pulling their [store bought but delicious smelling] oatmeal out of the microwave all steamy and beckoning, and decided I'd give it another shot.

Hmph... what do you know.  I liked it!

Maybe I should give grits another try...



Mom said...

Great blog and great new look to your posting! Funny, Aunt Mega started eating oatmeal a few months ago too...she would make your Grandmother's everyday and think, "bleh" but she and Ron love it now...hmm, should I REALLY try it???

Pam O'Brien said...

Thanks, Mom. I decided to get rid of the gray and brighten it up a bit.
I think you should give oatmeal another try... who knows?