Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fun at MOPS and Day 8

Day 8:  A gift sweet, salty, sipped

1.  That mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer; my favorite.

2.  The jar of lightly salted peanuts in my desk drawer; a satisfying afternoon snack.

3.  Ooo, the first cup of morning coffee; Mmmm, happy.

Last Friday was a MOPS Friday (twice a month).  I love MOPS Fridays.  I'm with Kristiina and the kids practically all day.

Kingston is big enough to hang out on his own in the 3-4 year-olds' room.  He has fun playing with the kids (after he protests that he doesn't want to play with the kids because he forgot how much he enjoyed it last time, and thinks he'd prefer to stay with mommy or grandma... he does fine once he's there).  I hang out with Aria in the infant/toddler room while my Biinaboo does her thing with her mom-peers.  I like that. She needs that time.

Last year I stayed with Kingston in the 2 year-old room and Aria (newborn-ish) was with Kristiina.  They've grown and things change. 

We had just three girls last week.  Aria and two of her little friends, Fiona and Scarlet.

It was snack time.  I'm not sure what Aria was doing... maybe she thought foraging for goldfish crumbs would be a good idea.  I don't agree.

Our darling is starting to get curls!  Neither Kristiina nor I think it will get as curly as Kingston's, as his curls were already much more pronounced at this age... but nevertheless, there they are!

She took that chair and moved it across the room, using it like a walker.

Yup, off she goes.

Such concentration.

Grandma got the video camera out too late, but managed to catch just a few steps...

Now, climbing these stairs... she has that down.

On the way home, Kingston knows how to entertain his sister - and she thinks he's so funny!

I think he can see himself in the rearview mirror. :-)

Be still my heart!

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