Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Birthday! ...and Day 12

Day 12

Today's Joy Dare/21 Day Challenge topic is ... 3 gifts at noon.

Oh...  what an appropriate day to have a noon-time topic!

One year ago today, here's what this grandma was experiencing first-hand (having miraculously captured this shot) at roughly 11:00 AM:

At this moment, I was trying to catch my breath along with this beautiful new babe, and trying to take pictures all blurry-eyed.

By noon...  it was this:

That's one elated grandma!  Oh... my heart heaves and I'm going all blurry again as I type.

It's been a delightful year.

This was yesterday - noonish - the eve of her first birthday...

Can you just eat her up?!  What caption would you put to this expression?

Mama tried her party dress on her to see if it still fits.  She (and Kingston... and the whole family) have a birthday party to go to next Saturday for twins that are turning 3 years old.

Looks like it still fits and will work for the party!  The winter version, with a long-sleeve onesie and tights; cute! (Mama made it for her when she was seven months - then it was a summer dress.)

Hugs and snuggles and kisses and... "Oww, Aria!  You bit my nose!"

Then she crawled over to brother's big wheel, and he didn't mind taking her for a ride. ("Does he have to?  I really just want to honk the horn.")

Weeeee!  "Here, Aria, let me help."

Only, while he was delighted to steer and push her, she still really just wanted to sit on it and honk that horn.  (So blurry due to my indoor lighting... darn.)

Yeah, but he was so happy to "help" her!

Slightly frustrated... "I don't want to ride, I just want to honk."

"Phew, okay... finally. I can just play with this horn."

"Grandma... do you understand the things a little sister has to endure...?"  "No, Aria. But I understand the things a big sister has to endure.  With brothers, they're probably similar.  You'll see, though... they're worth it."

Scrunchy face = happy girl.

So - between last year at noon, yesterday at noon, and today at noon when I call my dear girl (pretty Little Miss' mama) and reminisce with her ...and remind her how proud I am of her for her phenomenal VBAC accomplishment..., I pretty well have Three Gifts at Noon covered. 

Would you agree?

Happy First Birthday my beautiful, precious Aria - Grandma's cherished girl {}!

Care to join me in giving thanks?  In the comments name three things you're thankful for today, and if you have a blog... maybe you'd like to link up!

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