Friday, November 2, 2012

That Carved Pumpkin and Day 2

But first... 3 gifts worn for the Joy Dare/Gratitude Challenge.

Day 2:  Three gifts worn...

1.  The soft scent of a granddaughter who has just fallen asleep in my arms.

2.  Those precious toddler arms wrapped around my neck in a hug.

3.  Gold bands on my fingers.

That's my daughter, my granddaughter, my mother.  My hand wears the gold.  The bands with a wave and a stone I've worn for 31 years since making vows; promises of the heart.  The straight band in front of them, was the band mom wore for 44 years when she made her vows and promises to dad. He resides in heaven now and it has been passed to me.  What you can't see here is the the gold band I wear on my right hand, it was grandma's - given to me on the eve of her memorial service two years ago.

My cherished gold bands.

Now, about that pumpkin.
First, getting all the gooey stuff out of it.

Let's see... looking at the Cars movie covers to see if we can copy Mater's mouth.

While mom does the dirty work, he tries to fit the carving tools back in the package like a puzzle.  And... he does call her mom, now.  Not mama, or mommy; she's mom.  Oh, he's getting to be such a big boy.

Then the placement of the face (and a toddle from Aria)...

He's so very busy... it's hard to keep him still for long.

Alright, let's etch this so we can get it cut out...

"Here's how it works."

"See, just like this."

While this great work took place, I had the honor of putting Sweet Aria to bed.  One of my favorite things to do - bedtime with Kingston and/or Aria... such a treat.  I sang to her and prayed for her while she nestled her head under my chin.  We swayed.  When she drifted off I laid her down.
Pure joy.

Ta-da!  One carved pumpkin with a Mater mouth.

"Nice work, mom."

Then, a Mater movie (Cars) on the iPad...


Care to join me in giving thanks?  In the comments name three things you're thankful for today, and if you have a blog... maybe you'd like to link up!

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