Monday, November 5, 2012

We Forgot to Pray and Day 5

Day 5:  Three gifts acorn-small

1.  My favorite candy bar in a mini, bite-size portion.

2.  The stone-treasure that Kingston gave to me when we went to the orchard. It has graced my windowsill ever since.

3.  The hearty laughter that came when I harvested my acorn-size potatoes!

That was my whole harvest.  So much for the grown-in-a-bucket method.

We had the kids over for dinner Saturday night.  Sweet Kingston had been asking to come to grandma and grandpa's house for a while.  We typically visit at their house because there's so much to consider when you have a toddler and a babe.  Food, diapers, bed-time - it's just easier at their house.  But, Kingston wanted to come over... and so they did. 

I have a confession.  Sometimes we pray before a meal, and sometimes we do not.  Meal-time prayers are not habitual for us.  I always pray when I drive to work, and I always pray "as I lay me down to sleep."  All day I offer up whisper prayers and have God-awarenesses, but I (we) don't always pray before eating.

So, Saturday was one of the times we didn't, and that precious toddler boy reminded us of it a few minutes in.  "Uh... we forgot to pray."  We looked at each other with raised eyebrows, smirks spreading across our faces as we gulped down those bites and laid down our forks.  "You're absolutely right, Kingston," I said. "Would you like to thank God for our food, or would you like me to?"  "You do it, Grandma," as he looked around the table to make sure everyone closed their eyes. 

I peek-prayed and watched that darling boy nod his head in agreement as I thanked God for the meal, for family gathered together and the love we share, and for the immense love of our Father toward us..."in Jesus' name, Amen."  "AMEN!" he chimed in, smiling.  Oh, for goodness' sake, he delights me.

And I didn't get one photo of him Saturday... but I did of Aria, whom also happens to delight me!  She has begun signing regularly.  She routinely signs yes, water, eat, cereal, sleep, and has recently started signing dog.  (There's probably more I'm forgetting.)  I'm so glad that, like when Kingston was little, she has a means of communicating until she learns to formulate words.  It must greatly reduce her frustration of us not understanding what she wants or needs.

She's very engaged and aware of surroundings; she's a quiet observer.  We were playing the "Where's Kingston" game (while he's right there in the room, of course), and to include her, I asked with hands splayed, "Where's Kingston, Aria?"  She looked around and pointed right to him!  Ha.. who needs words to play along? (She has just also started pointing as a means to communicate.) 

Mmmmm...Those kids. {dreamy smile}

Here she is in her adorable tights and berry-colored strappy shoes...

Her joy makes me smile.

Haha!  Looks like she's off to find the yellow brick road!

Ah, grateful, indeed...

Care to join me in giving thanks?  In the comments name three things you're thankful for today, and if you have a blog... maybe you'd like to link up!

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