Friday, November 23, 2012

A Thanksgiving Recap and Day 23


Day 23:  Three Gifts Only in Christ

1.  Joy, the kind that runs deep with no regard for circumstances.

2.  Love, in it's purest form.

3.  Hope, for the now and for the future.

It's been a crazy couple of days, which is why I'm just now putting this together with only 3 hours left of Day 23.  I'm going to go ahead and publish it with just pics at 9:08, while I go back and write commentary. 

If you've come before I republish... then come back in a little while and read all about it!


Okay, so... I've been feeling yuck pretty much all week. I stayed home from work Monday, went in Tuesday, but left early, had off on Wednesday (yay!) and didn't feel too bad, so did too much, and woke up Thursday morning feeling so crummy that I thought I was going to have to send Joe to the kids' house with the turkey while I slept the day away.

Thankfully, God answered my prayer for strength and wellness in the affirmative, and by 9:30, I was in the kitchen prepping the bird.  I continued to feel better as the day wore on.  I still have sniffles and a ridiculous tickle in my throat, but I don't feel like I'd just rather lay down.

Knowing I was under the weather, Kristiina wanted to get here early to take on most of the kitchen-burden.  Wouldn't you know, it was a day Aria had one of her marathon morning naps and they didn't get here till about 1:00!  Ah, but she was a well-rested, happy baby!

While mommy and grandma were in the kitchen, she sat with daddy on the couch for a little while watching The Lorax.  She loves that movie!  She never keeps shoes and socks on, and mom... there's that beautiful cardigan you gave her for her birthday.  {grin}  Kristiina absolutely loves it.

Meanwhile, Kingston was happily (and busily) "helping" us cook.  He planted himself on a stool to man the "ice-maker" (bread-maker) while it made dough. No matter how many times we corrected him, it was an ice-maker.  When it was time to mash the potatoes, he excitedly ran to get daddy to show him what I was doing.  Now that he doesn't shy away from noisy appliances, they delight him. 

There was one point where he was trying to ask Kristiina and I something about the bread-maker or the dough, and we couldn't decipher the word he was trying to say... sinking... thinking...?  He shook his head.  Kristiina asked him to repeat it and he did, patiently and slowly to try to help us get it.  We still didn't.  He tried again, looking straight at us as if reading his lips might help.  "No, sorry Kingston, we're not sure what you telling us."  He thought for a moment and said, "Is it resting?"  I was utterly impressed that at under three, his vocabulary is large enough that he can find a synonym to convey what he was trying to say.  The bread-maker pauses and is quiet for a good period of time and he wanted to know if then was the dough resting.  (We still don't know what that word was.)  He is so smart... and so fun.  How'd he get so fun?!

Look no further!  (She needed leverage to get at that turkey!!)

Finally, it was time to sit down to eat... an hour and a half later than anticipated, but that always seems to happen, marathon nap, or not.

Turkey was Aria's first taste of meat of any kind.  Despite the expression I captured, she liked it.

Kingston's wide-eyed-turkey shirt says, "Eat Pizza!" 

After dinner, Aria (with Kingston's help) opened her birthday presents from grandma and grandpa.  (Having run out of time last week.)  This is a walker/activity toy.

Big brother actually thought it was pretty cool, too.  Look at those bare toes.  They each had one sock on and one sock off!  Silly kids.

After the kids played for a little while, we had coffee and dessert... that home-grown pumpkin pie.  I'll share the recipe later... and also how I would tweak it.  It wasn't our favorite; some of the spices were over powering, and the wetness of the fresh pumpkin (versus the gloppiness of canned pumpkin), gave it strange, custardy texture.  Anyway, like I said, I'll share the recipe and more on that in a future post.

In his pajamas, in anticipation of the ride home, Kingston helped me wash dishes.

"I'm a very good helper." he told me, numerous times. {grin} And he is.

After everyone went home and I finished up in the kitchen... the dogs came upstairs and it was this.

And it was at this time that I noticed Emma was limping on her front leg.  It alarmed me because the previous day, she suddenly started limping on her rear leg.  When lameness comes on quickly and switches legs abruptly, it's a sign of Lyme Disease.  Oh... heart sinking.  Joe and I knew we'd try to call the vet in the morning, hoping they'd be open and not enjoying a long weekend.

By the time we woke up, she was so lame and weak in the legs, they wouldn't hold her up.  She looked like a newly born foal trying to stand for the first time.  It was wrenching to watch.  She wouldn't eat or drink, either.  I called promptly and thankfully the vet's office was open... and could see us at 10:15!  Phew. 

Joe carried her to the car and I road with her in the back seat.  She was a very good girl for the doctor.  She had blood drawn and her temperature taken; she never flinched.  The doc was certain we were correct even before the blood results came back.  All of her symptoms; lameness, swollen joints, fever, loss of appetite, pointed to Lyme Disease.  The test proved that to be the case and we were given anti-inflammatory meds that she's to take once a day for a week.  She had her first right there in the office; they're yummy chewables.  Another medication she needs to take for a month!  Three a day with food or they'll make her sick. 

We were also given the assurance that she'll be like herself in 24 hours, and totally recovered by the time the meds are gone.  Big sigh of relief!  Within an hour of taking the anti-inflammatory, she was walking on her own, and even with some perkiness.  Such a welcome improvement.

Tonight, all our beloved canine-kids got to eat their annual Thanksgiving fair... the veggies (sans onions) with neck meat and giblets from the stock pot.  Such happy dogs, are they!

Ah, and later, I found where my little "good helper" put away the potholders!

Our beautiful Em-n-Em-n-Emma is doing so much better now!  That anti-inflammatory works wonders, and I suppose the other stuff is doing it's thing, as well.  We're so happy she's okay.  She actually chased after her brother this evening when they went outside.  She's a different dog from this morning and we're so thankful.

And finally... while we were busy with Emma, this gorgeous little guy was at the salon with mommy (Daddy and Aria were there, too), and they both were getting their hair cut!  Yay!  Kristiina said he woke up this morning and volunteered, "I'm ready for a haircut." They had been talking about it, prepping him.

And at the park afterward; a reward for being SUCH a good boy!  Look how big he is.

No more ponytail to keep those long, curly locks out of his face.  I haven't seen it in person, yet... just lots of pictures and a video... tomorrow we'll see for ourselves.  Can't wait!

Care to join me in giving thanks?  In the comments name three things you're thankful for today, and if you have a blog... maybe you'd like to link up!

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