Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ONE Degree

One degree... that was the temperature when I went outside with the dogs this morning.  I always do the morning shift with the dogs... Joe does all of the rest of them, so I'm not complaining!  And actually, while I was on vacation, Joe did ALL shifts. He spoils me sometimes.

Anyway, this is what one degree looked like at my house at 6:45 this morning.

Too bad you can't see cold.  Without precipitation, there's not much evidence of it.  I'll tell you what it feels like, though... imagine your nostril hairs crystallizing every time you breathe in.

On the bright side... look at the light in that morning sky. Yay!  No more pitch black dog-walking mornings.  Well, that's partly because it's 10... 15 minutes later than usual.

I did not want to get out from under the covers this morning.  Dexie was at the foot of the bed keeping my feet warm, Ada was curled up and nestled tight against my stomach, and Emma was pressing against my back with her head resting on my shoulder.  I was well snuggled.

Joe?  He was curled up with dogs of his own!

Speaking of dogs... check out Dexie and Zeila.  Oh, how she wanted him to play with her!  He's crotchety.

That's it.  Enjoy your day.  Stay warm!  Seems the whole eastern region is bemoaning the temperatures today.

Here, the sun is up and shining brightly, trying it's best to give us double digits.

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