Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kingston!

Two years old!

This morning I picked up Kristiina and the kids to go to MOPS. As soon as I greeted him as “the birthday boy” he began to tell me about the candle and the “yummy cake” that awaited him. His memory, reasoning and vocabulary always astound me! {grin}

Unfortunately, as the day wore on, he began to get a touch feverish and didn’t have much of an appetite. He was still playful, but it clearly wasn’t a good day for cake. Mommy and daddy decided to save it for tomorrow.

What we did do, though, is open presents! He likes presents and he got some awesome ones!

Among other things, he received an easel from Gramma and Grandpa DiOrio. It’s just his size with one side for chalk and other side for crayons. While daddy was putting it together, he repeatedly asked if he could climb it! Oh boy!

From Uncle Dan and Auntie Mara, he received a Radio Flyer Big Wheel; he calls it his motorcycle! From Great Grams and Gramps Aceto, he got this cool recorder…

Look at those rosy (feverish) cheeks.

Here he is giving that recorder a first try!

I love his pleased expression the first time he did it correctly. "Yay!"

We gave him a pillow mattress and a few of throw in toys (cars included, of course).

Pillow mattress?  It's an idea I got from Pinterest, and I thought it'd be perfect for those times he'd rather sit on the floor than on the couch (which seems to be pretty often) when he's watching his two favorite cartoons, Super Why and Word World.

Mommy can just toss this on those hardwood floors for him.

It can fold up like an accordion for storage...

and it's the first project I made on my new Christmas sewing machine.  Thanks, again, mom... I love it!

This is his quick trial run.  He continued to lay on it from time to time throughout the evening between playing with all his fun new things.

He had a nice birthday despite the fever, and because of it, his birthday extends another day.  He'll get his gift from mommy and daddy tomorrow when he has YUMMY CAKE!

It's gonna be a good one!

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The Farmer's Wife said...

HOW can this baby be a big boy, already?!?!
I can't help but be astonished...
He makes me smile, every time I see a picture of him or hear a Kingston story!

Happy Birthday, little man! xoxoxo from MT!