Monday, June 30, 2014

Promises, promises...

Last time I was here, I promised I'd write about my April Florida trip in the next post.


That's not gonna happen.  Not only have I not edited those pics yet, but the kids have been here, meanwhile, for 3 weeks(!) and already gone... and I'm not gonna post about that either because guess where those pics are.  That's right. In the camera, unedited.


I'm not without something to post about, though.  It is peony season.  One of my favorites. 

Are you familiar with the fragrance of peonies?

They are heavenly.

As such, I had a brilliant idea to infuse the decadent scent of virgin coconut oil with the sweet scent of peonies, and then create a moisturizer with it.  Oooo.  Brilliant, indeed!

Yes.  Two firmly packed cups of fresh peony petals


Blended with one cup of melted coconut oil.
The plan was to strain the petals after the oil was infused and add a bit of shredded bees wax for texture and, voila... fragrant, nourishing, body moisturizer.
Looks promising, right?
Well.... [zerbert]  that didn't work!  It smells gross, actually.

[sigh]  I had such high hopes.

I strained it and set it aside for a future batch of deodorant.  I think it could be salvageable for that, at least.

Next, I'm thinking peony water [think, rosewater...]  I'll letcha know how that goes.

On the bright side, I do still have a bush full of beautiful peony blooms and buds.

Finding the blessings.

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Lori said...

Just wanted to say that I recently found your Facebook page and your blog. I am enjoying your posts...I can so relate to your "wanna bes". My husband and I have been talking about possibly living in rural VT some day. It is a place we love to visit. I am praying and hoping that someday we will see the Lord's plan and we hope that it leads us to VT. For now, we visit my dad's hideout in Groton when we can afford the four hour drive from the NY capital region. Keep the posts coming!