Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Spring Visit to a Vermont Horse Farm

Well, finally!  At least one post before May leaves us!  (And next month, I promise to post pics of the April Florida Trip.)

I visited a horse farm today with a friend who is quite the horse-woman.  Several decades ago, she and her husband were hired by John Denver to teach him a thing or two about horses.  Pretty cool, eh?

When we arrived, we were met by this fella.  He's a cashmere goat named Nudge.  He's a playful one and comes by his name honestly!  He's a good boy, though.  You just have to tell him no when you've had enough nudging, and he backs off.  It was totally adorable. :-)

And the view of pasture and mountains from the house.

It's stunning.

We were there on account of that pretty girl on the left.  She's due to foal anytime now and is showing the signs that it should be soon.  We were hoping to time it just right, but she didn't deliver while we were there - and as of now, still no baby.

I don't ever tire of the scenery here in Vermont.

This handsome boy is 35 years old!  Look at those eyes.

He was the sweetest, most affectionate horse!

When it was time to go, he watched us depart.  Loved him.

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