Monday, December 30, 2013

Celebrating Christmas

We celebrated Christmas at our house with the kids on Christmas Eve...


She received Duckie in her Easter basket... we hadn't opened gifts yet.  She likes it when she's wearing clothes that allow her to carry her babies in the "carrier."

Our pun'kin had a black eye recently and you can still see it in this pic.  The perils of having a big brother!  She leaned down to play on the floor just as he sent a heavy metal tractor skidding across it.  [groan]

Time to open presents!

I love how they're both helping.

Haha... look at her posture!  She is so eager to see what's in there.

The cradle for her... and a big bucket of gears for him.

Grandpa helping her place the bedding inside.

Then she tucks baby under the blanket.

Meanwhile, Kingston checks out that gift for him.  

Rocking the baby...

Joining the baby...

Kingston gives the rocking cradle a try.

And Aria decides she wants in on that.

She looks cozy.

She tried it every which way.

Coffee and cookies while the kids played with their gifts.  [I've made a mental note to use a creamer next year and ditch the tacky carton. Oooof.]

Lovely day.  We went to their house Christmas Day after their family celebration.  My favorite part was staying late enough to do bedtime with the kids. [sigh]

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