Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Crafts with Kids

Here's something we made at Christmas time that the kids loved...  Simple light strings decorated with ribbon and jingle bells to hang in their rooms.

Looks like he's getting ready to play marbles.

I would have preferred to find lights on a white string.  Oh well, it didn't make any difference to the kids.

"What do you have there, Kingston? I can't see it."

Ah, that's better.

We did Kingston's string first, while Aria snuggled with grandpa and watched Frosty the Snowman.

Gathering up his jingle bells.

Aria has decided to join us.  And they were so wiggly that what ensues are blurry action shots...

Separating the bells for his and her strands.

Shaking the jingle bells!

Little darling.  She was a good helper.

We used jute to tie the bells on.  "I can't see you, Kingston!"

They loved their lights and, disappointed that the Christmas tree will have to come down, have been allowed to keep their stings of lights in their rooms year-round!  Whoopie!

Then a little outside time.

They shoveled the deck, but only stayed out about 15 minutes because they didn't have gloves with them.  

It doesn't look like he minded... he loves to shovel.

That was a fun day.

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