Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Favorite Finds


Shaun Groves:   "Take a kid out of poverty and fatherlessness and call him son. Fill up his cereal bowl every morning and he’ll still have problems. And they’ll seem like real problems to his five year-old newly-first-world brain. They are real. Discontent is a real problem no matter what causes it."

DogFur and Dandelions:   This post is a book review of The Sensational Scent of Prayer.  I have it in my Kindle for PC reader, but haven't read it yet.  After reading this review of it, I'm more eager to carve out time and get to it.  She says, "The Sensational Scent of Prayer is more devotional than Andrew Murray’s Lord, Teach Us to Pray, and a bit lighter reading than J. C. Ryle’s A Call to Prayer. But it is focused on Scriptural truth, and it stirs the heart to a deeper quality of communication with God. And it would be a worthwhile companion to any personal Bible study on prayer."

InCourage:  This I covet...  "Laying it all bare became pretty easy, so as others joined us, they followed suit. That’s the best part, the growing, the quirks of humanness, the loud kids, the way one disliked us at first, but he just kept coming, and we loved him into shape. We studied together and tried to work out the “one anothers.” We share food, time, and money with one another. We never stop telling the story, speaking the truth, to one another."

Fun, Free, Fall Stuff:  For the kids, or kids-at-heart!

Capturing Fall Foliage"Capturing the color of autumn is a unique window of opportunity for any photographer – vibrant colors can transform an otherwise mundane scene into a blanket of red, yellow, and orange hues."

For the Home:

     Homemade Facial Cleanser ~ I haven't tried this yet, but I'm going to.  I seldom feel confident that the products I use on my face are good for me; at least not the economical, grocery-store brands.
     Crafty Storage ~ Repurposing a cardboard box into pretty storage bins.

How the Fall Foliage is progressing...

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