Friday, September 28, 2012

I Can't Decide

...which rainy-day picture I like the best.

It has rained all day; a quiet, steady rain.  The leaves are shimmering and fluttering under the steady thrum of drops and, despite the overcast sky, it's bright outside.

Late to rise, we lazily had coffee (Joe with me, a surprise day off), poked around the web reading articles and catching up on social media and, in between the idleness, I managed to clean the kitchen and mop the floor.  That's enough productivity for one rainy day, right?

Sitting on the couch, I realized how pretty the colors looked between the drops and streaks on the window, so I grabbed the camera and took a few shots from the living and dining room windows, but I can't decide on a favorite, so I'm posting them all!

In some I like the colors better, in others I like the water drops better, and in others I like the streams better...

Dining Room - 1

Living Room - 1

Living Room - 2

Living Room - 3

Living Room - 4

Dining Room - 2

Dining Room 3

Living Room - 5

Living Room - 6

Dining Room - 4

For me, there's not one that melds all three; colors, drops and streams, just right.

Do you have a favorite?

Hmmm.  Anyway... I brought a box of work home.  I guess I'll get started on that (darn, I thought we had decided there had been enough meaningful work accomplished for one rainy autumn day...).

Oh!  And, it's a stay-in-your-PJs-all-day kind of day. That makes any kind of work more tolerable! Okay, here goes...

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