Sunday, June 10, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend, Part 2

Part 1 of this terrific weekend, was how we spent Saturday.

What comes next is how we played on a Sunday morning...  and following that, you'll see a fun Monday at gramma and grampa's house.

Here goes:

Wasn't so very long ago his 'Dino' was helping him to walk steady.  Look at him now!!

 Love the expression!

 A pretty poppy.

"Let's do bubbles some more, daddy."

That's all I managed to gather from that day.  Now, let's go to gramma and grampa's house...

 Grampa and Daddy fixed the ride-on mower.  Daddy wanted to try it out... and Kingston, too!

"I like this..."

"It's so fun!"

Aria was happy just to watch.

And to observe Mommy and Gramma sowing seeds over her shoulder.

We planted butternut squash, acorn squash, pie pumpkin, cucumber, tomatoes (and gramma had already put in the carrots and spinach a few days prior).

"Hey, Kingston, what are you doing back there?"

"What daddy?  Are you going to mow over there, too? Wait for me!"

"I'm just going to stay here and break in these teeth..."

"Watch out buddy while I back this thing up."

 Backing up off the upper ledge.

 Grampa is doing some trimming.

 The rhodies are blooming here, too!  This is a tiny shrub compared to Kristiina's!

The peonies were just starting to show their color.

Then we headed back over to Nic and Krisiina's for grilling/picnic, part 2.

Very fun weekend!!

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Mom said...

I just love that you all can get together like this!! What terrific family fun photos! Love them and love your captions! Thanks!