Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Let's Go Out to Breakfast

We eat breakfast together at least once, sometimes twice in a weekend.  Often, it's at Nic and Kristiina's house (it's just easier... there's a lot to pack when you go visiting with a baby and a toddler).  But, this day we decided to go out.

 It's important to bring a truck.

I wonder what he's thinking.   Sometimes he just "zones out."

 Mama was enjoying taking pictures, too.

Little Miss had plenty to keep her busy.

But by the time breakfast arrived, she was taking her morning nap and Mama ate one handed

He loves breakfast the way we all do... eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast!  (And can just about keep up with the grown-ups!)

That was nice, but breakfast at home is just as good.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Love those great expressive close ups of Kingston!! Mommy's face just oozes with happiness and a healthy glow! And last but not least, precious Aria leaves me simply anticipating seeing and holding her for the first time! xoxo

However, when will I see my beautiful daughter's face in these blogs?? Miss you!