Thursday, June 7, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend, Part 1

Picnic'ing and Playfulness at the DiOrio's...

 Kingston took this photo of his sister.  "Hey, Kingston!  I'm down here!!"

Happy Baby.

Playful Baby.

Smiley Baby.

 Busy boy.

 Enthusiastic boy.

 Sweet darlings.

 Emphatic boy. (and Curious Baby.)

Happy Mama.

Having fun together!

Arrrrumph!  I get you, Mama!!

I love you, Mama.

Catching bubbles.

"Do some more, daddy."

The pretty view from the DiOrio's kitchen sink window.  ... and from someone else's [taller] perspective, you'd see more rhododendron!

Unusually colored azaleas.

Love this little munchkin and her tiny fingers and toes.

This toddler boy finds daddy's tool trailer to be AWESOME!

 Let's have our picnic right here.

 The beauty of Spring.

 "I want to help!"  Coffee time... and it's his job to grind the beans.

That was one TERRIFIC day.

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Mom said...

Loved these pictures!! What a great place in the side yard to have picnics and fun! The flowers are so beautiful and make a gorgeous backdrop to complete summer outdoor romping!! Thank you!