Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mother's Day

It was terrific!

We headed over to Nic and Kristiina's for brunch and fun on the farm.  I took Lemon Monkey Bread... I'll be posting that recipe soon.  It's really delicious.  Kristiina made an egg and bacon skillet dish and we had our customary, yummy, french-press coffee.

Little Miss was feeling a bit drowsy and fell asleep at the table on Mama's lap!  Haha, that's a first!  She was really zonked... didn't even stir when she was laid in the crib!  What a sweetie.

After brunch but before farm-fun, we went outside for a photo shoot for our little 6-month old (when she woke up).  Preparations being made...

I just love baby feet!  Aren't hers adorable?!

What a quizzical expression!

"What, Kingston?!"

Ahhh, down on the farm.

 We enjoyed the sunshine and breeze while Nic and Joe played frisbee (after they pulled out a few of those sumac trees).

All the while, Kingston was delighted to play in gramma's car.  It's a favorite pass-time.  (We drove around instead of just heading down the back hill because there was baby paraphernalia to take with us).

Don't ask me about that hair... oy!

He asked gramma to get in the driver's seat, and then we proceeded to take a pretend drive to Canada, then to Sesame Street.  We made right turns, left turns, stopped at red lights, and watched imaginary pedestrians cross in front of us before we could go again.  On our way to Sesame Street, we named all the characters we were going to see when we got there; Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Abby, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar...  It was great fun.

There are those precious little toes again.

She was just cooing and singing up a storm in that seat.

Oh, what's this?  Toes?  {{grin}}

 Chewing on her thumb and teether simultaneously!

When she turned restless, I picked her up to take a walk on the dirt path and sing a song (or two), hoping she'd give up the fight and fall asleep.

When Kingston realized I'd left the yard and noticed my diminishing figure walking away from him and the others, he nearly shrieked and said, "Where's Gramma going?!"  As soon as I heard him, I turned right around.  He came running toward me, kicking up the dirt under his little, scurrying feet; threw his arms around my thighs when he reached me and said, "I'm sorry I left you." (I'm sorry you left me... he's still learning his personal pronouns.)  {{grin}}  ...and what I think he was trying to say is, he didn't want me to go anywhere without him.  Sweet, precious boy; he walked on the path with us till his baby sister fell asleep.

Then, back to the car and more playing/pretending, this time in the back seat.  He played in the car almost the whole time.  He loves it!

See that precious hand of his?  When we got back up to the house, he walked up to me where I was seated on the couch, placed that sweet toddler hand on my cheek, tilted his head, looked straight at me with dreamy eyes, and softly (because I was holding his sleeping sister) said, "Gramma, [he pauses, searching my eyes]  I love you."

{{sigh}}  That little guy makes me swoon!

Kristiina and Nic gave me this camera bag for Mother's Day.  Kristiina said that it was a thrift store find.  She could have stopped right there and I've have been utterly delighted.  I love recycled, repurposed, looks-like-new-but-I'm-so-glad-you-didn't-spend-a lot gifts!

But she took it a large step further and hand-made these padded inserts to keep my camera and accessories safe from bumps and dings.  They're adjustable and removable!

Now, that delights me!  I love, love, love hand-made gifts, especially by my awesome girl!  She is so talented!

She also made me a custom subway art wrap that speaks of being a mom and grandma.  Why didn't I take a picture of that?  It's awesome!  I'll post a pic of that later...

What a thoughtful dear she is!

I had a great day.  Hope you did, too.

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mom said...

Lovely baby shower and wonderful words of wisdom for the mother-to-be.

What a memorable Mother's Day for my Daughter and Granddaughter!! Loved the photos immensely!