Thursday, May 10, 2012

Playing with the Telephoto Lens

Last Sunday afternoon, I took a walk around the yard with Kristiina's telephoto lens. 

The lilacs are starting to open!

This was in the tree when we got here.  It had been left behind.  I think it's supposed to be some kind of nesting house... I'm not sure, though.  I never see the birds paying any attention to it.

They pay a lot of attention to this one, however.  This one gets filled with good seed pretty regularly.

Things happen so fast in Spring.  These hostas have doubled their size in just a few days' time.

Just playing with that lens...

These are bright and cheerful, aren't they? 

Then I decided to take a walk to the pond...

This little guy was curious about me.

I have no idea what these are.  

I found a lot of dandelions along my walk to the pond and have a fairly sizable infatuation with them this Spring, for some reason.  I have enough photos of dandelions for a post of their own; so stay tuned!

 Back at home, here are those lilacs, again.

Then the chipmunks came back.  We had two going  at once... one in the feeder out back in the lilac tree  - the one pictured above with the grosbeak on it - and this guy enjoying the goods out front in the feeder in the tree by the kitchen window.

(I'm back inside, by the way, and shooting these through the window. It seems to make them a bit hazy.)

Look at those chipmunk cheeks!

This bluejay and the chipmunk were taking turns in the front feeder.

I think I like that lens... I love the depth of field it provides.

That was a nice afternoon.

You're going to love this... a couple of days prior, Kristiina and I took the kids to the park.  It's one of Kingston's favorites because it has a sand box and he loves to shovel the sand into the dump truck!

Well, Aria swung in one of the playground swings for the first time and loved it.  Just watch!


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Mom said...

Feel like I just took a stroll with you! Beautiful Spring!! Loved the chipmunk, birds and squirrel too! Felt like I stepped into a children's storybook.

What a Blessing Pammie, to be able to spend such quality time with your precious grandchildren. You are an amazing example of what "grandmothering" is all about!! Love you my darling daughter.