Saturday, May 5, 2012

We're Celebrating Today!

It's a happy Saturday.

Later, Nic, Kristiina and the kids are coming over.  We're having a birthday party!

The birthday girl requested ice cream cake... and I decided dad's favorite plate from when he was a little boy would make the perfect size cake plate.

The request was for chocolate, with goodies inside (chips, nuts, toffee bits) and some homemade chocolate sauce. Mmmm.

I pulled out Grandma Staub's little box of candle goodies.  (I wonder whose baby shoe box this was?)  I think these have decorated grandma's cakes since I was a little girl.

With dad's favorite plate and Grandma's box of candle decorations, I'm feeling a bit wistful!  Not to mention my little darling has turned 30!


Remembering these days like they were yesterday!

She wasn't much older than this when she discovered that Forgotten Kisses were among her very favorite cookies and they became the traditional classroom-birthday-cookie each year in elementary school.

I made some for her this year... it had been a few years since she got these for her birthday.

Happy Birthday, my love.  You are cherished.

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Mom said...

Aww, Pammie...I'm gonna just cry right here and now!!! Wish I could have been there too to celebrate Kristiiina's 30th!! Love your sentimentality! I was wistful also while reading this blog!