Saturday, December 31, 2011


... thanks for the memories


Kingston turned one ~ and did NOT like the gooey frosting on his fingers!  There would be no smashing of cake by this little man.

New England splendor... it was a very snowy month.


I snow-shoed for the first time and discovered I really like it.

We walked right across Kennedy Pond!

We made the decision to move to this street... to that house... the following month.
February was a snowy month.


 I was watching Kingston one day and decided to take him for a hike.

 I put him on my back in the carrier and we trekked around Lake Runnemede.

This was the first day of Spring.  March was a snowy month.

The following week, I headed down to NC to pack up the house with hubby and get him and the furry kids moved up here.  It was one of the most grueling weeks of our lives (no pics)!  Hate moving.  But we're all here and we're all together, so... worth it.


We hiked the mountain behind our house.  My darling, tired girl not only carried that precious bundle on her back (see him?), she's also in her 1st trimester with our sweet Aria... only then it was too soon to know she was growing a daughter!

The following week it snowed. My poor daffodils.  April was a less snowy month.


This little man would like to go outside and work on the truck with daddy and grandpa.  "Hello! Can you hear me out there?"

The wonder of bubbles on Easter Sunday; an Easter basket treasure.

A walk in the neighborhood... Spring is ...springing. Love the color of new, Spring green.

I discovered that beavers really do this to trees!  It's not just in cartoons!

A Memorial Day picnic at Ascutney State Park.   Beautiful day for a picnic.

This is how they told us, "It's a girl!!"  Plopped him down right in front of us wearing this shirt.  I literally jumped up and down.  So excited to have one of each!! Heart happy.


I spent a whirlwind weekend in Florida, sharing the joy of my mother's marriage to John, and was honored to stand up for her as Matron of Honor.

Spent precious, though brief, time with family whom I dearly miss.

Back home in Vermont, we spent a delightful afternoon with cousin Kristiina (who was stateside visiting a friend in Maine).  We hadn't seen her since the summer of 2000 in Finland!  So wonderful to hug that dear one; to share a meal and go for a walk with her.

We went to playgrounds...

...and had picnics...

...and enjoyed sighting the balloons during the annual Quechee Hotair Balloon Festival.


Found us keeping company with curious cows.

 They were out in the field and came running when they spotted us at their gate.  They had to really put on the brakes and kicked up the dirt mightily when they came upon us! They were like eager kids wondering if we came with gifts.  Peculiar... and endearing.

We had more picnics and swam in lakes (I don't know who these children are-but they do appear to be having fun).

 And we swam in swimming holes.

 And jumped from rocks (Nic only).

 And threw rocks...making them splash

 ...again and again!

 I personally like the look of hosta buds better than I do their blooms.  We have a slew of them!

Spotted a double rainbow from the dining room window.  Stepped out to the deck to try to capture it ... the in-person version was much more wondrous.


We enjoyed summer afternoons playing in the yard.

And we were stunned that we had to think about the effects of a hurricane all the way up here!


We made numerous trips to the apple orchard.  

There's nothing like the fresh crispness of apples picked from the tree yourself at the orchard.

Watching the animals at the petting zoo.  Little Miss is growing inside!

Kingston LOVES tractors.  Imagine his delight to get to go for a ride in one (wagon pulled behind it)... then to be able to sit in the driver's seat and push buttons!

 Kingston also LOVES wagons.

 We were delighted to have mom and John come up for a visit.

 Great Gramma getting a kick out of that adorable little boy!

And Kingston was eager to help us capture pictures of all of it!


Kingston and I went exploring over at Anderson Pond.  We found pine cones.

We went to the pumpkin patch.

We enjoyed lazy weekend afternoons watching football.

Though with the beauty outside...

We did manage to get up off the couch from time to time and go for a hike.

Hi there, Handsome!  Yes, I'm right behind you...snapping pictures, of course.

Then, this happened!


She labored relentlessly and we waited ... and we tried to encourage, but we were helpless to alleviate it. 

Remembering the feeling that came over me when I saw her draw her first breath... it still stuns me. Something catches within.   11-12-11

The first meeting... Kingston was enamored from the start.

Welcome Aria, your gramma loves you... grandpa, too.

I relished the delicate femininity of this precious Little One.  Still do.

With much joy, we brought a new baby sister home from the hospital.

 This makes grandpa very happy.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at our house with much to be thankful for.


 We cut down a Christmas tree.

Kingston made a wonderful little helper.

 We celebrated our Savior's birth (with a toddler-friendly tree... all ornaments hand-made by Kristiina).

 We played with trains.

This adorable expression is what you get when you ask Kingston to smile. Love it.

There you have it.  The pictorial version of my blessing-counting.

Happy New Year to you...and happy counting in 2012.  May your blessings be innumerable.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord,
plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11


Donna Boucher said...

Such wonderful photos Pam!! Really!! Your grandson is gorgeous. Those curls. Yum. Your black and white birth photo is stunning and emotional!! Amazing.

Mom said...

And what an eventful year it was! Thank you so much for sharing with us such illustrative photos!! Loved it, and love you!!

Ana Burdge said...

I loved all the pics and most importantly I love to see you and your family so happy. Happy new year my Pam. I love you;-)

Julie Burdge said...

Pam, your life is so blessed.