Monday, October 31, 2011


It's growing.  The eager anticipation of the arrival of our little granddaughter.

Less than 2 weeks away, the due-date is swiftly approaching, and momma is starting to notice...

realizing her body is changing, preparing; she's feeling the twinges.

This gramma is just busting with excitement...and joy.

I saw Kristiina yesterday - happily for the third day in a row - and I just love that belly of hers.

(I didn't take this... it's KO's pic. This was 35 weeks. The belly is bigger and lower than this now!)

I rub it and caress it...  I'd sing to it if no one were looking (listening) - I'll just have to do the singing when she gets here.

Those of you who are grandmothers know what I'm feeling.  I'm so eager to have her in my arms.

The first time I embraced her big brother...

Oh, I remember that day.  My heart heaves and my eyes tear at the memory.

I still feel this way when I snuggle with him - and he still snuggles this way when he wakes from his nap, which I was able to thoroughly enjoy just this past Friday and Saturday when he took his naps at "gama-gapa's" house.  I love that little boy so much.

His affection doesn't just come at snuggly, nappy-time, though.  He is spontaneous.  Yesterday, when I helped mommy by taking him to the potty, he was re-dressing (his hands on my shoulders while his chubby little legs slipped back into his jeans), he caressed my hair and neck and simply, softly (almost a whisper) said, "Oh, gama." {swoon} "I love you, too, Kingston."  Melt me.

To think my heart has to make room for his sister.  I know it's capable... but it is a phenomenon.

I wonder if they'll look alike.  If this newborn picture of Kingston and the in-utero picture of his sister (yet unnamed) is any indication, I think they will. Of course, it could go either way.  It's funny how some siblings are clearly cut from the same cloth, while others show their similarities in last name only.

{Sigh} My heart is so full... and so ready to receive this little one.

Giving thanks today in community with...

...for enduring, endless love
...for the tender affection of a toddler grandson
...for a healthy womb and an equally healthy baby girl
...for a precious daughter/friend
...for God's faithfulness and perfect timing
...and for the less obvious electricity following the arrival of an early Nor'easter
...for happy sunshine and the wonder of glistening snow


Mom said...

My Pammie! You bring great big sighs and watery eyes to your Momma! God is so,so GOOD! We anticipate with you!

ells said...

Oh...I am getting ready to experience all that joy daughter is having our first grandchild in Jan. I can hear your joyful heart...oh sweet blessing as you get another gift of love...

Deborah said...

I'm also a grandmother so I especially appreciate your new anticipated blessings. There is nothing quite like a grandchild. Thanks your sharing your list. Joining you from Ann's place.