Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our Snowy, Nemo Weekend

Many schools and businesses were closed on Friday in anticipation of the arrival of Nemo the Nor'easter.  It was a Snow Day for us at the PA Program.  I'm off on Fridays anyway, though, so... it wasn't a bonus day for me.

As is typical, the storm didn't arrive on time, or as expected.  It was late, and for us, lighter that predicted.

It brought just enough fluffy powder to make it an awesome skiing/boarding day on Saturday.  So, that's just what the big kids did... and we got to keep the little ones!  Yay!!

Sweet babe!

Supposed to be resting... instead, he's telling me tales.

Kingston took his sister for a ride in her "seat."  Sometimes she loves it, sometimes she wishes he would stop it.  This day she vacillated between the two.  They're looking out the front door at grandpa shoveling. Oh.... and he helped himself to grandpa's hat.

Kingston also played tug-o-war with Blaze using this empty paper roll.  It was a fun day playing with toys and watching The Little Engine that Could.  Mommy and Daddy came back exhilarated and exhausted.

The next day was even more beautiful!

Dog tracks!  Our dogs love to run in the snow.

Blaze, especially, will avoid the shoveled path and bound through the snow even if it's belly-deep!

The birds were singing to their hearts' content this beautiful morning.

Joe and I decided to get out and take a scenic drive.

But first....

(See?  Not too bad.  Those south of us got much more snow.)

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Mom said...

Love, love, loved the photos of the little ones and your beautiful snow scenes!! Glad you had a great day with Kingston and Aria again!