Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Favorite Finds

For the Soul~
Ann Voskamp:  On Sisterhood and the Romans project...  "Sisters who know that the only thing that prevents us from praying more is us, who know that we only fail to pray when we’ve made an idol out of self and work, who know that prayer is more important than your breathing because your soul is more important than your life."

In the Kitchen~
Simple Bites:  Do you like leftovers?  I do. I also like the C.O.S.T (Cook Once, Serve Twice) method of cooking.  Here, Katie shares her thoughts and tips on it with a yummy recipe.

Family Feedbag:  As Nemo the Nor'easter blows through, this one has me dreaming of summer fruit!

Homestead Revival:  Mmmm... another healthy and delicious looking version of peanut butter balls!

Okay!  Enough in the kitchen (maybe I'm hungry!! I think I'll go find something good to eat - or make!)

In the Garden~
Your Gardening Friend:  Remedies for poison ivy.  As one who is highly allergic, I'll keep this in mind come Spring and Summer.  I've also found that immediately washing in warm, soapy water helps greatly.  If you suspect that you've come in contact with poison ivy after weeding your garden or a trek through the woods, wash as soon as possible (like within 15 minutes before your skin fully absorbs the urushiol oil from the plant).  I've also heard a tale that aerosol anti-perspirant works, but I'll stick with the natural remedies!

Favorite Superbowl Ads~

This one still gets me misty-eyed...

And this one... such a nice sentiment, although a little idealistic for today's reality.  I still like it.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist posted an article about it by Tim Wightman, President of Farm to Consumer Foundation.
It's an interesting read, but kinda brings it down a notch.

I'm going to watch the little ones today while their parents go enjoy the the fresh powder that Nemo the Nor'easter is delivering. Yay!

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Mom said...

Another great post, Pammie!! Loved reading the sites! BTW, we totally enjoy left overs!! And when we've had enough, Casper enjoys a nibble or two mixed into his dry dog food! The Peanut butter balls look easy and interesting. Might give them a whirl!