Thursday, February 21, 2013

Homemade Moisturizing Lotion Bars

I made lotion bars...

In the shapes of hearts because the mold was on sale at Joanne's (I bought the mold for the lotion bars before I ever dreamt of making the chocolate for Valentine's Day.)

The bees wax.  I'll never use this type of beeswax again (if I can help it).  It is way too hard to cut/grate.  What a pain!  I have used tiny beeswax pastilles balls in the past, and I'll definitely go back to those!!  Using this stuff was too frustrating to be worth it.

Here are the lotion ingredients.

Melt it down...

Pour it into molds. (I also made some pure coconut oil tabs while I was at it.)

And voila... moisturizing lotion bars.

Here are the ratios according to the recipe I followed:

Well... now that I'm trying to reproduce it, I can't locate the online recipe I used.  No surprise.  I didn't bother to bookmark it because I don't care for it.  (So why post it?... because you can learn from my mistakes).

This one had way too much beeswax to the ratio of coconut oil and cocoa butter.  It is supposed to melt like butter when applied to your skin.  This does NOT do that! 

I can use it, though.  It'll do until I can melt it down and add way more coconut oil and cocoa butter.. it's just not the luxurious lotion bar I was aiming for.

So those ingredients again are:

coconut oil
cocoa butter
vitamin E oil (it is good for your skin, and also extends the shelf life)
essential oils, if you want (I didn't bother)

Stay tuned for an update with a recipe I love!


Jean Marie said...

This makes these recipes very healthy and eco-friendly.
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Anonymous said...

I looked at your lotion bar recipe and it says: "here are the ingredients" but I think you forgot to list them. they are not in your post.