Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Favorite Finds

For the Soul ~ 
Ann Voskamp:  More on abiding (last week it was Pete Wilson) - and a beautiful hymn.

On the Homefront ~
The Prairie Homestead:  One of my favorite homesteading blogs.  Here's her recap of 2012 and her 10 most-clicked-posts for the year.

In the Kitchen ~
Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist:  This seafood casserole sounds delicious!  I've been perusing her blog a lot lately, as I learn about traditional, wholesome eating - eating the way it is supposed to be, and the way it was, before we were all brain-washed by the propaganda of big, greedy corporate conglomerates whose focus is solely profit-based.  And, I used to naively think that the FDA was our safeguard, but have come to realize that they really couldn't care less that the so-called food they have touted as nourishing really causes myriad diseases.  They're in the back pockets of said conglomerates (food and pharmaceutical) .  No longer does the "FDA Approved" stamp mean one iota to me.  With that, and before I get both feet on the soapbox... I'll stop!  (For now.)

For the Dogs ~
Jane Anderson's Raw Learning Site:  Now this is fascinating... feeding raw!  It sounds stunningly beneficial to our canine companions... the feline, too!

Enjoy your weekend!  We're off to explore a nearby farm where beautiful angus cows are grass-fed on wide-open hills and pastures, and are available for sale in the form of sides, quarters, or individual cuts of seriously-good-for-you beef.  ...striving to eat purposefully; healthy and humane!

Those black dots on the hill... those are the angus, and this is where we're headed. (This was last September.)

Thanks, Alton!

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