Monday, December 31, 2012



We looked for squirrels! (And daddy, who was actually out there.)

Then settled down and rested well.

We celebrated this darling boy's 2nd birthday.

Who was much more impressed with his cake this year.

We took a walk to the pond... and on the pond.

We hung out at the lodge at Okemo while Mommy and Daddy snowboarded.

And stayed entertained by the new iPhone birthday present.

We ventured to the pond again for some sledding.


...and ice skating.

And we received these scrumptious treats in the mail by dear loved ones.


We were delighted to see the Christmas cactus bloom again. (Maybe that was just me.)

We were (mostly me, again) delighted to hang this print from mom of the parish where my great grandfather pastored for years; the church Grandma Staub grew up in. 

Back to Okemo... this time it was all about Kingston and his snowboarding adventures.

We made chocolate covered peanut butter balls for watching the Superbowl.

Look at Gramma, Aria.

More fun at the pond, and this time he's pointing at Grandpa.

We love to go exploring at "the pond."

He scrambled up to lay next to her, "Take my picture, too."

Then she slept.

While we made, and played with, playdough.


March brought more snow.

Heading down our road, I never tire of this view. (No surprise to you, right... you've seen ample pics of it!)

Ah, yes!  The promise of Spring with sprouting daffodils!

Finger painting for the first time!

The outcome was worth the mess!

Meanwhile, Precious Little One sang to us, having found that she can control her voice.

The pond began to melt!

The lilacs budded!

The geese returned!!

Big brother shared his phone with his little sister.

And we nearly sang out loud when we saw the first crocus flowers!


Then, in April, the daffodils appeared.

And they adorned our Easter table.

We hunted for Easter Eggs in the yard.

And relished the appearance of delicate flowers everywhere.

We peeled off our sweaters and enjoyed the new grass... and flew kites down on the farm.

I enjoyed studying Beth Moore's Mercy Triumphs - a study of James - with a group of friends.

While the lilacs continued to flourish.

And all around us, trees were proclaiming joyful new life!

As everywhere, it delighted me from the vantage point of the porch.

And we were just so happy to see nature rouse and stretch and sing, that we didn't mind when the adorable little critters came to 'share' the birds' portion.


In May, we happily and joyfully celebrated the 30th birthday of our dear girl.

And look at those lilacs, now...

The birds came to claim their share.

And delicate flowers were scattered everywhere.

While the trees exuberantly bloomed

We took long walks amidst the new green.

And stopped to enjoy the wonder of the ordinary...

...and the miracle of the tiny.

We went out to breakfast. 

And got our first booboo.

We played outside...

...blowing bubbles...

... and having picnics.

We rode Grandpa's lawnmower (but let's call it a tractor).

And discovered the peonies starting to show off their color.


In June, we enjoyed those big, beautiful peony blooms.

We sat in the warmth of the sun.

And helped Daddy fix the truck.

We took a nap on a blanket in the grass.

And played frisbee at the park.

We took lots of pictures (even with babes asleep on our back).

And had fun climbing and exploring.

We went camping (but only the DiOrios slept in the tent - Gramma and Grandpa went home at dusk ... after s'mores).

Whew, camping (and playing at a campsite) makes you thirsty!

We took advantage of another photo opportunity.

And grilled yummy burgers over an open flame.

 We rolled down the hill.

And played in the grass.

And picked little daisies.

And smooched a sweet baby till she giggled.

We enjoyed farmers markets...

... endless blooms ...

... and free, Friday night concerts on the lawn at Jackson Gore.


In July, we took scenic drives...

... meandered quaint villages...

... and had misty mornings.

We saw a July 4th parade

on a warm, sunny day in Brownsville Village.

The siblings snuggled...

and had a great view from the wagon they shared.

We were delighted to have a visit from Mom-Gramma-Great Gramma.

 We went to the pond...

and relished the beautiful, sunny day.

One of us didn't think twice about getting his feet wet...
sometimes you have to if you want to find the perfect rock to toss back in.

We splashed in a bucket and ran through a sprinkler.

And enjoyed another lovely day at the park.

Where we played with this sweet babe.

And the boys set off in the direction of the grill to bring back perfect burgers.

Big brother sweetly presented a flower to his little sister.

And Great Gramma was enjoying every bit of it.

This darling discovered he could ride down the hill all by himself!

And happily took a ride on a Merry-Go-Round.

Then we had to bid this precious lady farewell as she headed back to Florida.

Where she likely would not be throwing open her windows in July - but we loved the fresh air and soft breeze.

And fresh-cut flowers indoors.

We did an experiment which did not turn out as colorful as a certain Gramma expected.

We baked bread ...

... and still get tickled by the spots on these puppy paws (okay, she's 5, but she'll always be a puppy to us.)


August was the month of fruit.

We picked peaches, which was a complete treat because we didn't know we could get them way up here.
Oh, but the big girl had a horrible reaction to the peach fuzz.  Itchy, burning, tingling yuck.  Thankfully, a few splashes of water alleviated it.  And doubly thankfully, the little girl wasn't affected by it at all.

And it rained.

And this beautiful babe turned nine months old!

 And this dump truck was the absolute favorite summer toy.

We canned peaches.

Then went blueberry picking.

And blueberry eating. 

And then, at home, one of us enthusiastically licked the bowl after processing those blueberries!

Another site I never tire of - the Cornish Windsor Bridge, on my route to/from work.

I could take the highway to work, but I prefer the scenic route.

It's something my Gramma Staub encouraged me to do whenever possible (years and years ago when she and I were discussing one of my first jobs).

It still surprises me when leaves start to turn in August. (reflected in the building where I work.)

Oh, and then we went to Wellwood Orchard (one of our favorites - and closest to us) for apple-picking... and eating!

Apparently, the task of apple-picking is very serious.

Big brother pulled his little sister in the wagon.

And we picked and picked and picked.

We rested on the hill for a while, and spotted an airplane.

Picking is done and it is warm - time to go!

I enjoyed watching the sheep graze as I travelled to work.

And viewing the hazy morning mountains behind their farm.

August is summertime.


In September we went back to the orchard for Customer Appreciation Day. They had firetrucks!

And lots of beautiful orchard scenery.

LOTS of beautiful orchard scenery.


On this day, we picked plums.

Grandpa came with us and helped.

Altogether we picked 24 pounds of yummy plums!

And then participated in a coloring contest.

In September, our pretty baby had 4 teeth.

And I harvested my grown-in-a-bucket potatoes.  This is ALL of them!

We went to the State Fair.

And went down the big slide THREE times!

And rode a Ferris Wheel for the first time.

While the baby of the family wondered what the rest of them were doing way up there!

 We petted the cows - and they appreciated the attention.
It was a fun, full day at the fair.

At MOPS, Aria (who never keeps shoes and socks on) played in the toy bin with her friend, Fiona.

And we celebrated my birthday. We ate lunch at the Windsor Diner...

... on our way to visit the kids for the afternoon, then had an awesome dinner at Jesse's Steakhouse in Hanover.

Back at The Pond, which is obviously one of our favorite places to frequent, the September reflection was gorgeous.

And I'm so intrigued by these cows that have bold white stripes around their middles!

In September, the going-home-from-work light is dreamy. 

Oh, what's this?  Back at the orchard!  "Where'd you go, Mama?"  "Here I am!"

Kingston wasn't sure which way that tractor was going to go and, with our safety in mind, had us off and on that path half a dozen times.

Aria is looking at that corn hanging from ceiling, and Kingston is looking for a tractor in that book.

We spent 15 minutes latching and unlatching that gate.

Then realized what fun it would be to get on it!

"I'm going to get you!!!"


In October the colors are remarkable. (And I'm heeding Gramma's advice... this is another work-route sight).

The historical society building in Brownsville Village and that dreamy evening light, again.

I volunteered at a Compassion Table at a Jennifer Rothschild event and had the pleasure of meeting this dear young woman, a "Compassion Sponsored Child."  Her testimony is awesome.

These two girls make my heart stop.

Fun on a wagon ride!

Utter quaintness at the pumpkin patch!

Here we go!  Let's go find pumpkins!

Sweet babe picked it up like an apple thinking she could just bite through that thick rind.

"Look at mine - it's white!" While Aria wonders what on earth this is growing out of her pumpkin.

Mama wants a ride, too.

That was fun, time to go.

After leaving the kids house, we decided to take the 'other' scenic route home.  Glad we did.

Ah, the lovely Ascutney Mountain, adorned in her Autumn splendor and mirrored in the Connecticut River.

Ada's favorite perch... she's just seeing what she can see.

And darling Aria turned 11 months.

Can I say it again... this is on my route home.  Blessed, are we, to be surrounded by such beauty.

There's that pumpkin I grew... my first, and it was a surprise! (Thought all I was getting was squash.)

Aria had her first shoe-shopping experience.  Despite the look... she liked it!

My first carrot harvest.

Blaze took a walk with me to the pond.

Oh, and then we carved a pumpkin.

And the leaves fell...

... and fell, and fell, and fell!

And for a short-time (as in 15 minutes), we nurtured this little chickadee who knocked herself out on our window.


In November, we meandered Town Farm Hill Road (we had been looking for baby animals!).

And found ourselves at Slick, Willy and Kingford's place.

This is Willy coming to say hello.

"You sure are a couple of handsome boys... and sweet, too!"

Kisses and nibbles.

Sweet face!

We played in leaves... and actually mowed right through them, as you can see!

And our precious Aria turned ONE!

She was very happy with her cake, and didn't mind getting messy.

Then we celebrated Thanksgiving.  Getting leverage on that bird!

Meanwhile, our little pun'kin likes to watch The Lorax.

And I had the best helper doing the dishes with me me!

We went and cut down a Christmas tree for the DiOrios' house.

And this sweet boy is still so intrigued by tractors.  He spotted one moving trees.

The tree farm is a beautiful place, where we not only cut down a Christmas tree, but sat on Santa's lap and tried hot cocoa for the first time!


In December, we went and saw the spectacular lights at Jackson Road.

It was a fun place.

And this 'very good painter' painted birdhouses with me.

It was great fun, and his three masterpieces turned out beautifully.

Then we celebrated Christmas, where big brother was a help to his little sister, as always.

We spent the day at Gramma and Grandpa's house on Christmas Eve.

The kids got warm things and fun things.
We spent Christmas day at their house, where there were lots more presents, and a birthday cake for Jesus. 
We all sang the Happy Birthday song to Him.

Then it snowed and snowed!

And everything was covered in winter white.

So Mommy and Daddy went snowboarding and the little ones stayed with Gramma and Grandpa (till Grandpa had to go to work).  We played with toys and ate yummy snacks - and I couldn't resist a picture of this angelic boy when he fell asleep watching The Polar Express which was on it's fourth showing.

Meanwhile, this darling just cat-napped and woke up to watch the end of the movie while she nibbled on cheerios.

The snow stopped and the sun came out.  Joe called me on his way to work and said it was amazing... I needed to get out. 
So I took a walk - to the pond, of course.

The photo above, and the ones that follow, were taken with my iPhone (Merry Christmas to us). 
I'm having fun playing with it.

And around the neighborhood.

I didn't even notice it was cold.  It was so beautiful.

Headed home for a bowl of soup.
Home Sweet Home
Our very snowy yard. 


There you have it; our 2012 in pictures. Snapshots of my joy-moments...
counting the myriad ways we're blessed.

Wishing you peace and countless joy-gifts in 2013!


Linda L said...

Dearest Pam,
I just journeyed through your 2012 photo journal. You are blessed!!!
I loved entering your year and life, and I thank God that I know someone as loving (reflected in your family times), talented (your photography is awesome), and loved and blessed by God (reflected in the family He's given to you). You are special and dear in my heart.
Linda (in Ecuador)

Mom said...

My Precious Pammy! Well, I've perused 2012 photo journal for probably the 10th time re-living your year. I'm filled with joy, melancholy, and gratefulness every time. Can't wait to see what 2013 brings!! Love you.