Friday, October 26, 2012

Shoe Shopping!

After MOPS last Friday, we ran a few errands.

And Sweet Baby Girl had her first shoe-shopping experience.

"Not your brother's dirty old shoe, Aria!"

Drooley drooler!

"Mmmm, how do shoe boxes taste, anyway?"

She had her foot measured, and everything!  She's almost a size 3 and went home with two pairs of pretty little soft-sole shoes from mommy, and this darling pair of warm boots from gramma.

The boots look gigantic, don't they?  They really are her size with just enough room for warm socks.

Today will be a lazy, lollygag kind of day.  Joe and I are both a bit under the weather.  Head cold for me, achiness for him.  So, we plan to just take it easy.

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