Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Favorite Finds

RZIM Ministries:   "Like Abraham who looked for the city of foundations and the housekeeper who sang of unseen things, we are strangers to our own lives, setting out in the dark to look for the country we were meant to know, guided by the Spirit who wants us to see."

American Family Association"Pray that tens of millions of people will read this personal reflection from Dr. Graham and heed his call to vote."  Be sure to click on the picture to view full size.

Ann Voskamp:  "No matter the jarring, a jar of fresh water can’t spill filthy water. When you’re upset, you upset what’s really in you." and "You can become everything that once undid you. I’m right tipped, upset and know who I really am and what really spills, and here is why I’ll never stop being a grace beggar, a wild Cross-clinger."

In the Kitchen ~
Freezing Apples:  I peeled, cored and froze my 1/2 bushel of apples last weekend.  Whew. What a job, but now I have several gallon-size bags of frozen apple slices stuffed full and ready for baking whenever I want! Yay!

Redfly Creations:   A chocolate/oatmeal cookie recipe to try. 

For your Health ~
Small Footprint Family:  I love salt... I'm definitely going to have to switch from table salt, though. Check this out!!  A long, but worthwhile, read.  I knew sea salt "was better," but I didn't know why or how much better.  "Sea salt is better than table salt, by a wide margin. In contrast to refined table salt, unrefined sea salt is naturally harvested and dried in the sun, and contains a wealth of trace minerals and electrolytes that are easily assimilated by your body. Unlike refined salt which contains only 2 or 3 elements, sea salt contains about 80 mineral elements (potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and more) that are essential in small amounts for a variety of functions in the body."

Crafting Inspiration ~
Homestead Revival:  Baker's Twine... "Perhaps it's the simplicity of it all that I love so. Or maybe it's because the candy cane stripes just seem so festive. Either way, I present my humble ode to baker's twine for your enjoyment today... "

"... did I point to You enough to make a mark on things..."

Enjoy your weekend.  We're expecting sunshine today, so after tidying up inside, I'll be heading outdoors to tidy up the garden beds.

Then who knows what fun we'll find to do.

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