Friday, October 19, 2012

From the Office Window

I'm fortunate to have windows, floor to ceiling, on two walls of my office.  From there I can watch the  comings and goings of students and other visitors to the building, AND I can watch the comings and goings of the seasons (and the sun!).  I'm grateful for my little office.

This was just a few weeks ago.

And this was just the other day (okay, I'm not seeing this through the window -at this angle, I'm in the parking lot).  Those trees are completely bare now.

Every Thursday morning we have a staff meeting.  This was yesterday from the conference room.  This is actually the 2nd floor.

The building is built into a hill. (This shot was actually taken in August... you can tell by the green leaves still on the trees I'm standing under!)

Here's what it looked like from outside. I went out to to fill the bird feeder and couldn't resist that October-blue sky.

The days are getting shorter, and this is what it looks like just before I leave for the day.

This is the other side of the parking lot from the long row of now leafless trees, taken 15 minutes before I left yesterday.

I love large windows and I'm very grateful our building is full of them!

I'm off to MOPS today with Kristiina and the kids.  Enjoy your Friday.

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