Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cornish-Windsor Bridge

...just some shots of the beautiful Cornish-Windsor Bridge over a period of five months...


None in July...  (it looked a lot like June)



 Standing in NH, peeking into VT.

Peering through a window to the train-tracks bridge.  From his house, Kingston can hear the horn of the train when it passes by.  At night, on those rare nights when I have the pleasure of putting him to bed, we pretend the conductor is waving his greeting and bidding him sweet dreams; that beyond his backyard and the wide farm and the river, the conductor is pulling that horn-cord with Kingston in mind.  It makes him smile.

From the inside...

 Peering through a window in the other direction. This is the Connecticut River, by the way.

Late September:


It was this day, when I stopped for a quick snap of the bridge on my way to work, that I met Don.  He's a Windsor resident that comes to "a particular guardrail post" every day to shoot photos of the bridge.  We said our quick hellos, commented that it was finally not raining, and that's when he told me he comes every day.  He has a blog where he posts his images. He calls it Shape of the Year.  Scroll down to his October 11th images, you'll see his version of this shot.

That's it for now.   Images from June, August, September and October. 

I'll post some more later; winter shots when the trees are bare and the river is iced-over!

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