Friday, October 12, 2012

Hayrides and Pumpkins

Peering through Nic and Kristiina's front door.  That big, black space is screaming for something profound to be written in it.  Scripture, perhaps; or some other words of wisdom.  Suggestions?

And that's what is out there.  So pretty.

Sweet baby girl and her grandpa.

Mama and her babe as we get ready to load ourselves into the truck for a pumpkin patch adventure.

Mmmm, this takes me back... remembering how I would snuggle and kiss my baby-Kristiina.  I so love my girls.

But first... out to breakfast before we make our way to the pumpkin patch.

And a quick detour to the sporting goods store.  Look at this big boy trying out a 2-wheeler!  How did this happen already?!

It was JUST THIS yesterday, or so it seems.  {Big sigh.}

Ah... this is lovely.  I do love the quaintness of New England.  I don't take it for granted.

Our equine friends that took us on a tour of the pumpkin patch/orchard property.  Thank you, beauties.

I love these two.  Grandpa and his girl.  My man sure is handsome. {grin}

One of the coolest parts of a hayride is watching those tires go round... apparently!

It was a beautiful ride...

...and then through the corn maze to the pumpkin patch!

"What?  So, this is a pumpkin?"

"Does it taste like an apple?"

Kingston is a busy boy... very much a moving target.  It's harder to get him in the shot, lately.

Every now and then I get lucky.

The pumpkins just laying all over the place waiting to be selected for carving or painting.

Mama wants a ride, too!  The last time we were here, she looked like this:

And now that little Aria-babe is 11 months old... today!  Oh, how the time flies.

Such beautiful sites to see at the pumpkin patch.

I would like to have taken a walk on that path.  I love to see where winding, woodsy, dirt roads lead.  In the foreground are assorted varieties of raspberries... autumn raspberries!

After we left the kids' house, Joe and I decided to take the back roads home.  We just knew it would be gorgeous.

I could live there.  That's my kind of homestead. {grin}

Joe was totally enamored with this one.

In this corner of the world, I could live in a tent and be content.  I'm much more taken with God's creation than any gadget, gizmo, or grand estate that man has made. 

Another awesome autumn day.

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