Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another Day at the Orchard

It's pumpkin-time!

My Sweeties, one of whom would rather not sit still.

Ah, that's better.  "Hi, handsome boy!"

Kingston:  "Where's his legs?"
Me:  "He's sitting on them."
Kingston:  "Why?"

Why and how.  Kingston asks those two single-word questions hundreds of times a day.  He's inquisitive.

There are my loves again.  Silly Aria is looking at all that stuff hanging from the ceiling while Kingston looks through that book for tractors.

"Hi, silly girl!"

I learned that you can give a chicken whole apples, but you can't give them apple cores.  That's because apple seeds are toxic to chickens and would be too concentrated with just cores.  But ingested with the whole apple, their systems can handle it.  Thank you, Kristiina.

Love the views from the orchard.

Kingston takes it in, too.

I'm not sure what he's remarking about, but isn't he adorable as he looks at his mama?

Some more of it...

"Hey, mama, where'd you go?"   "Here I am!"

Love those colors!

Mmmm.  The rain drops on it make it all the more appetizing.

This little guy thinks they're delicious, too!!

He really enjoys apples.

Walking up this path we watched that tractor move big wooden boxes from one side to the other.  Every time he passed Kingston hurriedly ushered us to the side, insisting we "get in the grass!"  The tractor never did venture down the path, but Kingston had safety in mind.  Good boy.

We pass this charming church on the way to the orchard.  I like it!

Kristiina and I each went home with a half bushel of apples!  We purchased them off the shelf this time rather than pick our own because we were told the trees are starting to get kind of sparse and we didn't want to contend with the wet, rain-soaked branches.  We only paid one extra dollar for having them pick and bag them instead of doing it ourselves.

I can live with that.

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