Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Favorite Finds

The Connecticut River looking in the other direction (from last week), as seen from a window on the other side
 of the very long Cornish-Windsor bridge.  See the kayakers going under the train-tracks bridge?
Kristiina and I are going to do this in a week or two... an autumn excursion on the Connecticut River
...each of us in our own kayak ...and each of us with out own camera. Joy!

Ann Voskamp"...because there is a plan and there is a purpose and there is a God in heaven who didn’t just ink you onto the palm of His hands but etched your name right into Himself with nails and He’s hasn’t just got your number, He’s got your heart. He sees you, hidden in Him, and you aren’t ever forgotten because God can’t forget those right in Him. You’ve never missed the boat when you’re holding onto the Cross."

A Deeper Church"In a world where too many voices (from all sides) are hurling accusation and sarcasm and dogma, I’m praying for a church that will bend down. By this, I do not mean a church that merely speaks in kinder tones or has learned to paint a more cheery picture or has honed effective listening skills. Rather, I mean a church identified by tears more than edicts, a church that refuses the cold dichotomies wedded to much of our public discourse. A church living in tenderness."

Jeanne Damoff"I’ve known her only a couple of months, but it doesn’t matter. We commune as sister to sister, soldier to soldier, our connection immediate and soul deep. She, too, has a story of beauty from brokenness, and she laughs with the freedom that comes from knowing nothing can separate her from God’s love. No stranger to pain, darkness, and hope-waiting-long, she lives in the tension of already-but-not-yet, confident in her assurance that all things must serve His purpose."

Perfect Pot Roast:  I made The Pioneer Woman's version of pot roast this week - or something reasonably close to it.  It's not the first time... and Joe has always enjoyed it, but this time, he said it's the best pot roast he thinks he's ever tasted.  I don't know what I did differently, except instead of using plain 'ol beef broth, I had some left over broth in the freezer from the last time I made pot roast.  I used that instead and it must have really enhanced the flavors - he said it was seasoned perfectly.  So, check out that link... and when you make it, be sure to reserve any left over broth for the next time! (It makes awesome gravy, too... and the leftover meat and carrots? Pot pie!)

Helpful Hints for Home -

     Marking Your Leftovers... easy-peasy.
     Decorating for Fall... appropriate for this first day of autumn.
     Laundry Room Storage... easy makeover - good ideas.

I've been humming this song all week.  Mmm, maybe more like two weeks...  It's good music.

It's my birthday today and, apparently, my family plans to spoil me.  Breakfast at the kids' house, dinner at a restaurant in Hanover, and in-between... I don't know exactly yet, but Joe has said, "we have plans."

Be blessed!

A peek at Fall Foliage...

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