Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What If Yash Wrote to Us?

As Blog Month at Compassion International winds down, our last blogger assignment is to write a letter as if we are the sponsored child writing to us, his sponsors.  So, if Yash wrote us a letter, maybe it would sound something like this...

Dear Joe and Pam,

As you know, I'm still very young and, therefore, don't always understand the full impact of my circumstances. My parents do their best to protect me from the hard things, but I can tell they struggle. Sometimes they are sad.

I know it was good, though, when Compassion International came to our community; and especially when you began to sponsor me. When my parents heard I had received sponsorship, they cried. But, it was different this time because they were smiling; they were crying happy. I was happy, too, and we hugged.

It makes me glad to regularly get to go to the Compassion center and play with other children in a safe environment. We have fun there and we laugh. I learn new games and have made friends. They feed us, too, food they tell me will help me to grow big and strong. 

I also get to hear stories about Jesus and we sing songs about him and for him. I'm learning what it means to pray. Right now, I'm just three years old, but when I get a little bigger and understand what it means to need a Savior, I'm going to ask Jesus into my heart, just like the older kids do. Right now, I'm just happy to know he loves me.

Your friend forever,



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