Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Birthday Post

You had to know one was coming, right?!

Joe and I had a quiet morning at home with coffee, and on our way to the kids' house, stopped for breakfast (which, by that time, was really lunch) at the Windsor Diner.

The view from my seat at our booth (through a dirty diner window).

How diner-ish is this?!  The lovely sunflowers in a cottage cheese container, the diner essentials on the counter, and a vintage porcelain freezer.  I kinda' love it...

This man had no idea I photographed his sneakers... or his butt (which really, all I see is a wallet in a pocket)... but I thought the diner stools were cool.  I had just overheard the cook say that the diner just celebrated its 60th birthday.

Then we had a pleasant afternoon at Nic and Kristiina's with this little beauty.

And her busy brother.

After a couple of hours we went back home to change and meet them back at their house to go out to dinner.  I didn't get one shot of us in our finer dinner duds; not a one of us.

We had a delicious meal, though, at Jesse's in Hanover, NH.

Then BACK to the kids house again for cake.

As soon as I had arrived in the door earlier in the day, Kingston took me by the hand to escort me into the kitchen.  He wanted to show me the pancake that he and mommy had made for me.  Haha, no matter how many times we reminded him it was a birthday cake, he kept reverting back to the pancake reference.  Funny little sweetheart!

That's a pumpkin bundt cake with a maple glaze frosting.  Mmmmm, hello autumn yumminess!

I got birthday presents, too.

This beautiful bag, hand-made by Kristiina, was actually given to me the weekend prior.  They didn't intend to give it to me early, but Kingston spilled the beans that "mommy made grandma a purse." {grin} 

I slung it on my office door to snag a pic - I like all the white-bluey shadows.  It was late afternoon when the sun does pretty things with shadows.

A close-up.  Isn't my girl so talented?! And this was one of her first projects with her new machine.

On my birthday night, I also received an AWESOME art kit with acrylics, papers, brushes, tools, and a wood carrying case that converts to an easel for plein-air painting.  Oh my - it's a set a professional could own.  I'm going to have to take some classes to make this set worthy!

On Monday, a couple of students had caught wind (thank you Facebook) that it was my birthday and came in with a balloon and two little cannolis.  Mmmm, happy.

That night on my way home, I was stopped at a red light and noticed this sign out the window. 

Looks like someone else celebrated last weekend, too. 

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