Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Favorite Finds

The Connecticut River as seen from one of the windows of the very long Cornish Windsor Bridge.
And every day I cross the bridge and head through that tree tunnel on the right, bound for work.

Ann Voskamp (always Ann, her words cut me to the quick):  "The whole thing’s like — like God pushing a note under my door.” I swallow hard. Sometimes the only way you hear if God’s knocking is if you are standing right by the door — ready to go."

InCourage:    "Life is full of non-stop partial solutions. It feels good and freeing to label a situation as such, because you’re admitting that it’s not quite how you’d have it if you were God, but that it’s okay, because you’re not Him."

Amazon Kindle* (free or almost free):  The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards (limited time = $.99)  -
"Considered the towering figure in American Colonial church history – arguably the greatest pastor, preacher, philosopher, theologian and author America has ever produced – Edwards lived with an enlarged desire to experience personal godliness.  In his pursuit, he became a model of discipline worthy of our emulation."
*I don't own a Kindle - or any other reader, for that matter - but was able to download Kindle for PC for FREE.  Now, I can enjoy all these amazing free/almost free offers. Yay.

I saw the video below on Seth Haines' blog - I've linked to him before. 

When I hear the term, "one woman show," this is not what I envision. It's more like the guys that used to meander around Times Square on Fort Myers Beach.  She is certainly not that!

I then proceeded to kill 2 hours watching youtube videos of her. 

This one is super fun:

I think she derives joy from what she does!  To me, that's what dance-like-no-one-is-watching looks like... except for the part that she's in front of a live audience...

Pinterest (my Animal Lover board):  I've loved lions since I was a little girl, and I'm appartenly still drawn to the big cats.

Happy weekend!  Joe has two full days off - woot! - not sure what fun is in store for us, yet, but we'll find something!

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