Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun at the World's Fair

The Tunbridge World's Fair, since 1867.  That's where we went on Saturday.  It had been some time since we went to a fair.

Did you know the "cover charge" is up to $13.00 per person.  All that will do is get you in the gate.

Oh well, we had fun.   Check it out...

Just tiny hints of fall color, so far.

They had a decent-sized section of antique farm equipment - not just on display, but that they demonstrated.  It was interesting.

Ah, this is the view you get when you're at the World's Fair in New England.  Lovely.

Oh yes... and now we're starting to talk about rides!  The Super Slide was one of my favorite fair rides and I was asking Kingston if he wanted to go with me.

Daddy first.

Then Grandma's turn! 
We had a plan in motion, and before our mat was completely stopped, he was scrambling up, exclaiming...

"Grandpa's turn!" 

That was fun!

Next, Mommy and Daddy took Kingston on the Ferris Wheel.

"Wave to Grandma..."

"Hi, Grandma!"   Oooo, you can't tell because I pulled it in tight, but they were way up there for that one.

Aria waited with Grandpa.

And with the kids' friend, John.

Then... a ride on the big trucks!

Whoa, colorful sun flare...  "Hi, Kingston!"

We took an intermission on the hill.  Kingston had fun rolling down...

...again and again.

 Aria was fed and Grandpa enjoyed the cool grass and sunshine.

 "What's my brother doing back there?"  He's still rolling down that hill, Aria.

The Merry-Go-Round, with all the pretty horses.  We didn't ride it this time, though.

Next stop was the petting zoo.  This wooly pair is waiting for their turn in the judging arena.

And Symphony, the pretty cow, was so happy to be scratched and pet.

And while the fair seemed to be 75% food vendors (really), I did not eat one morsel of it.  I'm not remotely enticed by fair-food.

Instead, we stopped for pizza and took it to John's who lives nearby.

"Goodbye, crowd."  (And that is NOT where we stopped for pizza!)

Super fun and beautiful day.

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