Friday, September 14, 2012

Live Your Life On Purpose

It’s what I used to tell my then teenage daughter and the youth I taught Sunday School.

Stand firm. Hold your ground. Don’t be tossed by life’s wind and waves.  When the water rises and the current strengthens, steady yourself.  Lean into it and don’t be moved.

And not to be hypocritical, I was living it, too.  Intentional about prayer, bible study, service and fellowship – a real Christian warrior, you might say.  Of course, it wasn’t always smooth sailing, but when the ripples came, while I bobbled a bit, I wasn’t hurled down the river. 

It’s not that way today, though.  I’d like to think it was an overwhelming tsunami of change that washed over me and disrupted everything, but if I reflect, I can remember when my steadfastness cracked, weakening my resolve until the dam broke and all those good habits I had were left in a mucky heap.

I could turn this into a long testimony and life lesson, but this is for Five Minute Friday, so let me just say I let the busy-ness of work obligations overtake me. 

Today’s FMF topic, Focus, is timely.  Just hours before discovering it I commented to a new bible study friend that my goal for the Colossians study we’re starting is to re-establish a consistent, daily habit.


And I [prayerfully] resolve to be purposeful, disciplined – FOCUSED.


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