Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Three Saturdays-Three Orchards

Well, actually, it was an orchard, a patch, an orchard; peaches, blueberries, apples.  Such an assorted abundance!

You've already read all about the day of the peach-picking... and the day of the blueberry-picking.  Let me share with you our day at the apple orchard.

First stop, the petting zoo. 

Then, apple time!  Aria was awake for this one.  Yay!  This was her first taste of apple.  Really, this post could have been titled "How many pictures can a gramma take of her babe trying apple for the first time?"  And the answer would have been, "Just about 300."  Here's approximately one tenth of those...

Good thing she has 5 little front teeth.  The skin was no problem, and once she realized there was tasty juice in there...

... Mmmm, she loved it.  Isn't that a darling profile?

She just ate and ate and ate. (And Kingston was in the wagon, and out of the wagon, and in the wagon, and out of the wagon...)

"Hi, Gramma.  I love this apple."

Kingston was a big help picking.  Thankfully, he didn't eat everyone one of them like he did the blueberries! {grin}

It was a gorgeous day.

Haha... "Are you coming?  Where's my apple?  Another picture?!"

So good.

Aria was helping herself.  She emptied the bag as quickly as we filled it (they didn't all go in her tummy, just the bottom of the cart!)

"Look Gramma, I can stand and eat it, too!"

My sweet babes!!

"Bleh... I think I've finally had enough."

Kingston is going to pull his sister, but first he has to check the tires!

"Here we go, Aria."

Such a beautiful bounty.

And the view from the orchard is stunning.

Mommy and Kingston found a blueberry bush!

Meanwhile, this precious girl played in the grass.

"Oh, look!  There's an airplane!"

Well, that was a fun morning... but it got hot, so two little ones went home shirtless.  And we took home LOTS of apples.

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