Thursday, June 14, 2012

Peony Love and Some Adorable Kids

Peonies are quickly becoming a favorite of mine...

A single bloom in my Barbados Earthenware.  (Sweet memories.)

 Kristiina has pale pink ones...

...and white ones.  I love these!

Love this!!

From smelling the flowers...

To "fixing" the gas cap.

"What gramma?  Did you say something?"

 "Wait a minute. I have to see what my brother is up to over there."

 "I'm not sure he should be doing that!"
(What an expression... I wonder what she's really thinking!)

 He's a very curious boy...

 Always wants to be part of the action.

 Helping dad and making his assessment.

{{Big, Happy Grin!!!}}

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Mom said...

Hmm, how did I miss these awesome videos!!! Love the peonies; love LOVE the kids!!