Saturday, June 16, 2012

Paradise Park

We decided to take our bbq / picnic to a local park.

This is just a couple of miles up the road from Nic and Kristiina's house.

 What a fabulous field for playing frisbee. 

 And we had the place all to ourselves!  
Too bad the pic is so blown out... but the trees are too pretty not to share any way.

The afternoon sun and breeze made for perfect napping.

 And the pavilion was a nice place to take a break.

 The PERFECT picnic spot. (and still a sleeping baby)

Kristiina and I decided to take the kids and walk down one of the trails to the lake.

 This is how mama took that awesome photo she posted on FB... with a sleeping (again) baby on her back!

 Kingston loved pushing his stroller around all day.

 Lake Runnemede and Mount Ascutney.

 Once we made our way to the lake, we found where all the people were hiding... they'd gone fishing!

He wanted to see how cold the water was.

 Clover... and a sea of lily pads!

Back at our picnic spot... a bit more frisbee before we call it a day.

Fun, fun!

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Mom said...

What a beautiful spot for a picnic and some summer fun!! Great videos too....saw them already on your You Tube, but worth seeing again! ;-)