Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have a Father's Day post waiting in the wings.  I'm just waiting for Kristiina to forward a pic or two she took of Kingston and me so I can add it to the mix.

In the meantime, I'm wondering...

was the summer solstice yesterday or today?  The Farmer's Almanac indicated that the sunrise and sunset was the same on both days (at my house).  The sun rose at 5:09 AM and the sun set (or will set) at 8:35 PM.  That's 15 hours and 26 minutes of pure daylight (add about 2 or 3 more hours to that for the morning and evening twilight time).  How long are the days where you are?

And when is the first day of summer?  I always thought it was June 21st (like the first day of spring is supposed to be March 21st, the first day of autumn is supposed to be September 21st, and the first day of winter is supposed to be December 21st).

The last few years, "they" have been saying the first days are on the 20th.  Why?  I don't like that kind of change.  Hmmmm...

Well, whether summer came yesterday or today (with record-setting temperatures for this time of year - mid 90s), I know that it's time to bid farewell to these lovelies till next year.

These are the last of them... no more buds to bloom.

I also want to know how much water "you" really drink.  The common advice is 8 x 8 (eight 8 oz glasses per day).  That would be 64 ounces.

The mayo clinic website says it varies person to person based on several factors, but typically for a man it should actually be about 13 cups, and for a woman, 9 cups (or 72 ounces).

I only drink between 24 and 48 ounces a day!

This is my 24 oz. water bottle.  I fill it up at home every morning and take it to work with me.  I'm actually lucky if I finish it at work (10 hours).  When I get home, I fill it up again (or top it off) and don't usually drink it all before bedtime.

I may be the atypical woman that doesn't need 72 ounces a day, but less than 48 seems like it's probably not enough (especially considering how much I love salt).  I wonder how my health might improve if I drank more water (not that I have indication that I'm unhealthy... I feel good!). I'm just not a big drinker.  I'll have a cup and half (because I never seem to finish the second cup) of coffee in the morning, the water during the day and evening, and maybe a glass of wine after work while I cook dinner.  That's it.  I never drink soft drinks, juice  or other sugary beverages.  Hmmmm...

And I'm also wondering about the luna moths.  I thought they were supposed to be elusive, and that having the privilege of sighting one is a rarity (because they're night creatures and only live a week).

That's really not the case.  I've seen several (during varying hours of daylight) since spotting that first one on my deck in NC.  I spotted this dewy fella  when walking the dogs the other morning.  Hmmmm....

So, that's what I'm pondering today.

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Mom said...

Guess you'll just have to ponder with no definitive answers here!! The Luna Moth is gorgeous! Your total liquid intake matches mine quite closely. Maybe someone else can give you some insight with your "ponderings"!!