Thursday, November 17, 2011

They'll call her ...

Aria Sheree...

Origin and Meaning of the Name Aria

Gender:   Girl
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning:   Lion
Origin: Italian
Meaning:   Air

Pronunciation:   (ARE ee ah or AHR ee ah)

Form of:   Ari
Additional info:
"Aria" is an Italian word meaning "air" - it is frequently used as a musical term in English as well as in Italian. An aria is melody for a solo voice in an opera, usually with orchestral accompaniment. Famous arias include 'O mio babbino caro' and 'Nessun dorma' by Puccini and 'La donna è mobile' by Verdi.

Her first cry.

Origin and Meaning of the Name Sheree

Gender: Girl
Origin:   French

Meaning:   Darling

Pronunciation:  (sheh REE)

Form of:  Cherie

Additional info:   Phonetic spelling of the French "chèrie";
a term of endearment 'chérie', as in 'ma chérie' (my dear, my beloved).

Mommy and Daddy's beloved.

Her last name, DiOrio (originally D'Oro) is golden in Italian.

Aria Sheree DiOrio - our cherished golden song. {grin}

I was blessed to have been in the labor and delivery room.  Witnessing her birth, I was partly crying, partly gasping while snapping the camera like crazy.   Aria's mama beautifully edited these two lucky shots of her precious, first moments.

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Mom said...

Aria, such a beautiful, feminine name! Thank you for giving us origins of all three names!! A "cherished golden song" indeed!