Monday, December 2, 2013

Creating a Woodland Christmas Tree - DIY

Last year I wanted a simple Woodland Christmas tree. 

So I set out to create one.  I acquired some small, natural-wood birdhouses for painting, some pinecones, some bird and woodland-creatures ornaments, and made some decorative hanging cards to give a bit of Christmas meaning to it all.

It's fun if you have a little helper.

Amazing how much this little man has grown since he was my "very good painter" helper last year. [swoon].

His three masterpieces, and one that gramma painted in the background.

It's simple to create your own. 

~ We painted the birdhouses and embellished with tiny birds and moss inside for the nests.
~ We painted the tips of the pinecones white and added just hint of glitter for some sparkle.  You can either set them on the branches or add a ribbon for hanging.
~ We scattered adorable woodland-creatures and bird ornaments about.
~ And added some glittery Christmas-message cards for depth of meaning.  I just cut card stock, painted them white, glued some of my favorite verses or Christmas hymns to both sides, sealed them mod-podge and added a hint of glitter.  I used a hole-punch to be able to add a ribbon for hanging.

If you're feeling crafty... creating a Woodland Tree an easy project.

Stay tuned for this year's tree-cutting adventure!


Mom said...

I'm looking for some photos of you all around this beautiful tree!

Ziegler Peeps said...

Love the tree idea Pam. I will do it some year...perhaps when grandchildren come, or when we move to Ga! Keep up your interesting blogging;)

H said...

My grandmother used to use empty milkweed pods and thistles for Christmas tree ornaments.

The thistles she'd spray paint gold and silver and sprinkle glitter.

The milkweed pods she would spray paint the outside, then make a little diorama on the inside... a bird and some eggs or a little poinsetta of paper, etc.